Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jamani za siku nyingi poleni kwa kususa hii kitu lakini nimerejea upya na soon mambo yatakuwa updated kwa wingi kumbuka hiki ni kijiwe cha kubadilishana fikra

Friday, February 3, 2012


Its a fifth day and a last day of my Training concerning Usage of internet. My foremost thanks to MISA TAN, VIKES and our trainer Mr. Peik for the wonderful package they have given us.

As a journalist this has been the most effective training I ever attended due the fact that it was more practical and sharing experience with other editors, subeditors, journalism lecturers, veteran journalist e.g my sister Rose Haji Mwalimu I have gained a lot from you guys.

At first I was a person who used to visit others blogs and website thinking my self I could never have mine.

But thanks to Mr. Peik, who gave us the direction and now I want to caution you that am coming……

Speaking about the training it self, honestly it was a good package as I managed to know how can I use internet to my daily journalistic work.

New media technologies and advancement have taken  a huge place in our daily life, weather we like it or not we are now living in a digital era with so many challenges.

Internet has been a part of our life, and its like another member of our family. Whatever we think of something now its all about digitally.

Am sure when I get back to my institution, the first thing is to open our web blog for our media outlets so that people also can access our stories online.

Second am aiming at making my own blog go further sharing with other bloggers and etc.
I would like also to thank my fellow participants for their experience and I know now we speak the  same language. lets meet on our forum and practice this citizen journalism.



Unamkumbuka  mwanaharakati huyu?   

Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna au Che Guevara, ni mwanaharakati aliyekuwa na itikadi za kisosholisti na anajulikana sana kwa harakati zake za kimapinduzi dhidi ya tawala za kikoloni.

Kati ya kauli zake ninazo zikumbuka ni hii" I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves" kauli  yake hii aliitoa mnamo mwaka 1958 huko Mexico.

Je unaitazamaje kauli ya Che? 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Its Amazing how internet cam make you learn so much things.

Holla guys!

Its another day in a training and today I must confess that I had a beautiful lesson, You know what is it?

 I never knew, probably even you, you have no idea that you can find you mother tongue language and some words on Google.

Our trainer Mr. Peik told us to do a journalistic research on a certain word and I couldn’t believe to find it on my own Haya language on Google its amazing real.

And now I think I will manage to know some few greetings as a journalist through this internet search. Thank you Mr. Peik. 

cant wait for a cocktail party hureeeeeeeeee

Lopes, a Young Diva who finds her reign as Miss Universe discredited

Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes is an Angolan young beautiful Diva who has been recently crowned the title of Miss Universe 2011 being a second African woman of that such beauty to win that title.

At the age of  25, Leila is now living her dreams of being an important icon in the world and a person who can make changes and attribute her heart in the development of her country.

Why Famous?
 Leila is now among the famous people after winning the 60th Miss Universe title in 2011. But her prominence has grown so faster due to some controversial issues.

The Diva is being accused of using false documents that helped her to compete in Miss Angola UK 2010, so that she can get a ticket to take part in Miss Angola 2010.If this is true she can be disqualified from the title.

There are now new allegations towards her that she is not an Angolan, that her origin is From Cuba.

Speaking in an interview with CY Channel, Lopes denied all allegations and wondered why people have to say bad things about her and discredit her.

This Diva said she was a pure Angolan and that her parents are not Cuban and she met all the qualifications for the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Being Miss Universe
Until now after taking that crown, Lopes has managed to travel to different countries, but she has the big role to play which is to fight for HIV/AIDS discrimination. Ms. Lopes also will have a numerous advantage as casting opportunities, Modeling portfolio, Skin and hair care,scholarship from New York film Academy and so many others.

Her Dreams 
Lopes is planning to Own her cosmetic line business, and that she is devoted to be a part of development in her country, " i want to go back to my country .Its developing I want to be part of this development"

if this all rumors are true the African queen will have to give away her title, probably this are untrue lets wait n see.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A very Good day to all of my fellows! One again we are meeting here where thoughts mingle:

Today I came across a Speech By Rupert Murdoch to the American society of Newspapers Editors. For those who doesn’t know this Person: Murdoch is a media Mogul indeed a business man.

As I went through his speech I found so many things which I can share with you. Murdoch is trying  to imagine how can we live in this era of digitalization.

As a business owner , first he is so worried about the digital revolution, because as we call back years ago things were different from what we see now. The digital revolution has brought so many difference and so challenges.

In early years a newspaper was a medium where almost every person could rely on regarding the news around the world, “ I grew up in highly centralized world where news and information were tightly controlled by a few editors” say Murdoch in his speech.

This is true , here in Tanzania if I recall during the independence struggle, we depended much On radio, and there was one radio which was RTD, so whenever they decided to tell Tanzanian obvious they trusted it.

But this could not happen in this time as we have so many radios and every owner has its interests.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hi, Dear colleague, Actually this internet training is getting more  of interest . On my second Day of this training I have come to realize how the use of internet has changed the way we live now.

Its quite amazing how our  life now depends much on the use of internet and the stats. is growing so fast i wonder in some years to come will we manage to live without these technolgy?

But as our life depends much on the use of internet we real have to see the impacts of it because if we dont others will be left totally besides because of the divide we have btn those who can access n those who can not.
C u tomorrow dont go away as I share my experiance through this training .....cheers